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Have you filled out your membership information this Google Form already? (Even if you’re just renewing your membership, please fill in the information again.) If you have filled in the Google Form, please proceed and make your payment through one of the PayPal links below. For mail-in membership payments and donations, please follow the instructions further down this page.

Paypal Links

12-Month Student/Retired/Not Full-Time Membership ($15) [link]

12-Month Regular Membership ($35): [link]

5-Year Regular Membership ($130): [link]

5-Year Retiree Membership ($60): [link]

If you should wish to add a small donation to your membership fee, please use one of these options:

1 Year Regular Membership + $5 Donation: [link]

1 Year Regular Membership + $10 Donation: [link]

5-Year Regular Membership + $25 Donation: [link]

5-Year Regular Membership + $50 Donation: [link]


If you would like to donate a self-selected amount without purchasing or renewing a membership, please use the “Make a Donation” button below:

Click to Donate

Donations to the Society will be used to fund the annual Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay Prize as well as new initiatives, including future open-access volumes of Selected Papers from the Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf as well as the Suzanne Bellamy Travel Fund (more information about these initiatives forthcoming).

Mail-in Option (Fees, Gifts, Donations)

In order to make a manual payment or a donation, please use the following PDF document: https://vwoolfsociety.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/membership.pdf.

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