Outside/rs 2023 Conference

Outside/rs 2023 Call for Papers

Friday 9–Sunday 11 June 2023
A postgraduate and community conference, hosted at the University of Sussex, with the opportunity to attend in-person or online.

We are currently in a period of greater divides and contestation within our society, especially when it comes to those who exist in queer, marginal or dissident relations to normativity in its various guises. This feeling of division and the fight for solidarity both inside and outside our communities is a common experience for queer, trans or LGBTQIA+ people, as well as BIPOC communities, disabled and neurodiverse people, working-class and colonised populations and others. If you are a PhD researcher, or if you work, create or volunteer in the LGBTQIA+ community (including in intersection with other communities or issues), we would love to hear from you. Outside/rs 2023 is a space to challenge the distance between the academy and the community, to make connections and to learn from each other.

The conference will consider such questions as:

  • What does solidarity and contestation mean for LGBTQIA+ people and other groups?
  • How can we understand and challenge the impact of solidarity and contestation on our lives and communities?
  • What can we do about the solidarity/contestation divide, can we bring it down, and is ‘solidarity’ even possible?
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