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Woolfian Sketches

“She was one of the invisible presences who after all play so important a part in every life.” So writes Virginia Woolf in “A Sketch of the Past” about her mother, Julia Stephen. I could say the same about Woolf herself, for I’ve been writing about her for over two decades in my academic work.Continue reading “Woolfian Sketches”

Kika Kyriakakou, I (from the collage series A Room of One’s Own, 2015)

A collage inspired by Virginia Woolf’s 1929 groundbreaking essay on women’s rights and independence. The work juxtaposes text and typography from A Room of One’s Own with visual elements from videos, photographs and collages of other artists, pioneering in their field. The female body becomes deconstructed and analysed, whether it is a paper doll fromContinue reading “Kika Kyriakakou, I (from the collage series A Room of One’s Own, 2015)”

Call for Submissions: 2021 Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay Prize

The International Virginia Woolf Society is pleased to host the Annual Undergraduate Essay Competition in honor of Virginia Woolf and in memory of Angelica Garnett, writer, artist, and daughter of Woolf’s sister, Vanessa Bell. For this competition, undergraduate essays can be on any topic pertaining to the writings of Virginia Woolf. Essays should be betweenContinue reading “Call for Submissions: 2021 Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay Prize”