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2022 Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay Prize Results

Each year, the IVWS runs the annual Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay Prize contest. The winner traditionally wins a cash prize and publication in a future issue of Virginia Woolf Miscellany. This year, the field was incredibly competitive. The judges recommended a winner, but the second and third place essays were so excellent that they also…

Gwen Rose: Thoughts on the Woolf Salon Project

On September 30th, a number of Woolfians assembled online for a meeting of the Woolf Salon Project, a semi-formal, regular gathering , to discuss Woolf’s work. The Woolf Salon Project is amazing, though I’ve only been a part of it for a short time—and this session, in particular, transcended literary discussion in a way that…

Marlene Dirschauer: “If a book has a base that is stands upon…”

If a book has a base that it stands upon, if it is a bowl that one fills and fills and fills, then my book without a doubt stands upon this memory. It is of lying on my balcony on a lovely spring afternoon, reading To the Lighthouse (1927) for the first time and being…