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Marie Allègre: Virginia Woolf Beyond the Phallus

or, Reading Psychoanalysis with Woolf on Both Sides of the Channel (a thesis in progress) Provisionally entitled “Virginia Woolf Beyond the Phallus: Anglophone & Francophone Psychoanalytic Receptions,” my thesis explores the intersections of Woolf, psychoanalytic theory and feminist criticism from the 1980s to the 2010s approximately. I came to Woolf through Lacanian psychoanalytic theory inContinue reading “Marie Allègre: Virginia Woolf Beyond the Phallus”

Catherine Paul, Hysteria 2: Deserters from the Army of the Upright

When I became chronically ill and left my job as an academic, I looked to writers and artists—and especially women—who had also dealt with significant illness. I was, frankly, shocked to find how frequent the experience of chronic and recurring illness was (and is) among writers and artists, and how rarely this common human experienceContinue reading “Catherine Paul, Hysteria 2: Deserters from the Army of the Upright”

Two-Day Centennial Celebration of Monday or Tuesday: May 14th–15th, 2021

This coming May, the International Virginia Woolf Society will host a two-day centennial celebration, exclusive to members, of Woolf’s short fiction collection Monday or Tuesday (1921): Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th. In the spirit of Woolf’s titular “or,” IVWS members may attend Friday or Saturday’s event (or both, if they’re free!). Zoom links for bothContinue reading “Two-Day Centennial Celebration of Monday or Tuesday: May 14th–15th, 2021″