Suzanne Bellamy Travel Fund

Note: this page is a live draft and subject to edits in the coming weeks (March 2023). However, the PayPal Donation link below is active.

The Suzanne Bellamy Travel Fund, established by the IVWS members in 2022, supports the travel of IVWS members to the Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf: an affiliated but independent event that the IVWS has supported since 1991. Each year, the IVWS will match up to $1500.00 in donations to the fund, which it hopes will grow well beyond the $3000.00 goal we project. The fund is named in honor of Suzanne Bellamy (1948–2022), an artist and Woolf scholar, who passed away on June 21st, 2022—a little over a week after the 2022 Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf.

To learn more about Suzanne’s life and work, visit her website here.

We take donations to the Suzanne Bellamy Travel Fund through PayPal. To donate, please click or tap the “Make a Donation” button below. On the PayPal donation site, type in the amount you wish to contribute, mark the accompanying box if you are willing to cover PayPal fees, click “Next,” and then add a note that marks it as a contribution to the “Suzanne Bellamy Travel Fund” before confirming your donation. (See image for an example of a note.)

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Note: Initial applications for the Bellamy Travel Fund will open shortly after registration opens for the 2023 Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. The IVWS will coordinate with the conference organizer to ensure that information about how to apply is widely advertised. To be eligible for the fund, you must [1] be a member of the IVWS, [2] be a scheduled presenter at the upcoming Woolf conference, and [3] have registered for the conference.

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