Woolf Societies

Italian Virginia Woolf Society

The Italian Virginia Woolf Society aims to promote the knowledge and the study of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group in Italy. Founded in 2017, it wishes to get young women and young men closer to her essays, her novels and her personal writings – a heritage of ideas that the Society wishes to safeguard and spread. Every 25th of January, it publishes the annual bulletin Bloomsburiana.

Société d’Etudes Woolfiennes (French Society for Woolf Studies)

The French Society for Woolf Studies was founded by Christine Reynier in 1996.  The Society web page provides information about officers, conferences, and publications.

Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain

The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain aims to present Virginia Woolf in her true light as a great novelist, essayist, publisher and woman of letters by stimulating research into her life and works; providing opportunities for members to meet, correspond and share their enjoyment of her work; and acting as a focal point for British scholars and enthusiasts alike.

Virginia Woolf Society of Japan

The Virginia Woolf Society of Japan was first formed in the 1977-78 academic year, when seminar meetings were organized in Tokyo for the purpose of establishing the Society.  On May 15, 1979, the Society published the first issue of the Newsletter of Virginia Woolf Society of Japan.  In Autumn 1980, the first Annual Conference of the Society was held; these conferences continue to be held each Fall, in addition to regular regional meetings during the rest of the year. In 1984, the Society began the annual publication of the Virginia Woolf Review.

Virginia Woolf Society of Korea

[description forthcoming]

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