Calendar of Society and Society-Affiliated Events

5–8 January 2023

MLA Annual Convention (San Francisco, CA)

17 February 2023

Woolf Salon No. 23* – Lives of the Obscure

24 March 2023

28 April 2023

Woolf Salon No. 24* – On Wonder
hosted by Angela Harris, Eret Talviste, and the Salon Conspirators

8–11 June 2023

28 July 2023

Woolf Salon No. 25* – Mrs. Dalloway’s Party
Hosted by the Salon Conspirators

22 September 2023

Woolf Salon No. 26* / Louise DeSalvo Birthday Celebration
(in coordination with friends/students/family of Louise DeSalvo)

21–22 October 2023

IVWS/ACVW** Fall Symposium and Fall Lecture

8 December 2023

Woolf Salon No. 27* – Season’s End : Reading of Year-End Diary Entries /Letters

* The Woolf Salon Project is affiliated with the IVWS but runs independently. Members of the IVWS have access to recordings of salons, which are made possible by Benjamin Hagen, Shilo McGiff, Drew Shannon, and Amy Smith (the WSP founders and conspirators).

** The Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf is affiliated with the IVWS but also runs independently. The Society supports conference organizers and program committees but has no role in determining the location or program of individual conferences. The Society now funds the electronic publication of the Selected Papers associated with conferences, beginning with the 31st Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf (2022).

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