Two-Day Centennial Celebration of Monday or Tuesday: May 14th–15th, 2021

Cover page of the first edition of Monday or Tuesday. (Credit: Scholarly Editing, vol. 35, 2014.)

This coming May, the International Virginia Woolf Society will host a two-day centennial celebration, exclusive to members, of Woolf’s short fiction collection Monday or Tuesday (1921): Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th. In the spirit of Woolf’s titular “or,” IVWS members may attend Friday or Saturday’s event (or both, if they’re free!). Zoom links for both events will circulate to the Members List closer to the event dates. (If you are not yet a Society member, do consider joining so that you can participate in this celebration!)

Here are the descriptions of both events!

Friday, May 14th: Reading Thru Monday or Tuesday (6pm–8:30pm EDT)

The first event, a complete read thru of Woolf’s short story collection, will take place in the evening (Eastern Daylight Time). We encourage members who are interested in reading passages aloud to sign up to read a brief section. Attendees who just wish to listen in and follow along are welcome to do so, and everyone may pop in and out of the event as their schedules (or Zoom tolerances!) allow. 

To sign up to be a reader for the event, visit this Google Doc and follow the instructions on the top page. We hope to record the event and make the video/audio available to members as a memento of this celebration. We look forward to (re)experiencing the entirety of Woolf’s short fiction collection together!

Cover of 1921 edition of Monday or Tuesday. (Credit: The British Library.)

Saturday, May 15th: Follow-up Discussion of Monday or Tuesday (2pm–4pm EDT)

The second event will take place the following afternoon (Eastern Daylight Time). We invite members to join an open discussion that follows up the read thru on Friday. Attendees need not have participated the day before, but we’re hoping to share the insights, surprises, thoughts, and pleasures of returning to these short fictions. There will not be a formal presentation. In the spirit of the Woolf Salon Project, we just hope to gather around objects of shared interest and love. Again, everyone may pop in and out of the event as their schedules (or Zoom tolerances!) allow.

If you have any questions about this event, write to the IVWS President at! The Society understands that the days/times will not work for all of our members (dispersed are we, after all, around several time zones!), but we hope many will be able to join us and/or enjoy the recordings later on.

Published by International Virginia Woolf Society

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