IVWS Members Event feat. Beth Rigel Daugherty (10 Oct 2022)

IVWS 2022 Fall Lecture: Learning and Essaying: From Adeline Virginia Stephen to Virginia Woolf Date: 10 October 2022Time: 1:00–2:30pm ET (New York)(The event will take place over Zoom. Members will be sent a Zoom link via email ahead of the event. The event will be recorded and made available to IVWS members.) The IVWS isContinue reading “IVWS Members Event feat. Beth Rigel Daugherty (10 Oct 2022)”

James Kearns: Woolf Walks

“I don’t think I could ever grow tired of this country.” [1] Whenever we are there, we walk the circumference of these standing stones: The Merry Maidens. We do this each time because we know that Virginia Woolf would have done the same; we touch the top of each of them in turn before walkingContinue reading “James Kearns: Woolf Walks”

Catherine Paul, Hysteria 2: Deserters from the Army of the Upright

When I became chronically ill and left my job as an academic, I looked to writers and artists—and especially women—who had also dealt with significant illness. I was, frankly, shocked to find how frequent the experience of chronic and recurring illness was (and is) among writers and artists, and how rarely this common human experienceContinue reading “Catherine Paul, Hysteria 2: Deserters from the Army of the Upright”

Woolfian Sketches

“She was one of the invisible presences who after all play so important a part in every life.” So writes Virginia Woolf in “A Sketch of the Past” about her mother, Julia Stephen. I could say the same about Woolf herself, for I’ve been writing about her for over two decades in my academic work.Continue reading “Woolfian Sketches”