Catherine Paul, Hysteria 2: Deserters from the Army of the Upright

When I became chronically ill and left my job as an academic, I looked to writers and artists—and especially women—who had also dealt with significant illness. I was, frankly, shocked to find how frequent the experience of chronic and recurring illness was (and is) among writers and artists, and how rarely this common human experienceContinue reading “Catherine Paul, Hysteria 2: Deserters from the Army of the Upright”

Woolfian Sketches

“She was one of the invisible presences who after all play so important a part in every life.” So writes Virginia Woolf in “A Sketch of the Past” about her mother, Julia Stephen. I could say the same about Woolf herself, for I’ve been writing about her for over two decades in my academic work.Continue reading “Woolfian Sketches”

Kika Kyriakakou, I (from the collage series A Room of One’s Own, 2015)

A collage inspired by Virginia Woolf’s 1929 groundbreaking essay on women’s rights and independence. The work juxtaposes text and typography from A Room of One’s Own with visual elements from videos, photographs and collages of other artists, pioneering in their field. The female body becomes deconstructed and analysed, whether it is a paper doll fromContinue reading “Kika Kyriakakou, I (from the collage series A Room of One’s Own, 2015)”

“On Being Ill”: A COVID-19 Diary

Artist Ane Thon Knutsen introduces her homage to Virginia Woolf´s “On Being Ill.” Using her letterpress, she printed one sentence a day from March 23rd to August 29th, shaping a diary in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about her work here. Since 2016, Virginia Woolf has had a tendency to guide me throughContinue reading ““On Being Ill”: A COVID-19 Diary”