Call: IVWS Membership Coordinator(s)

Please see the call below (written up by Erin Kingsley!) for an IVWS Membership Coordinator. Erin’s term is coming to an end this June 2022, and we’re all so grateful for the time and attention she’s given to our members over the past few years. We need someone new—maybe two someones—to serve in this role.

Please read through the description below and be in touch with me by April 15th, 2022 if you have interest in this position. Two people have served as co-coordinators in the past, so it’s possible that we could bring two people on board. I’ve checked with Vara Neverow, and it does seem that we will need to hold a Members Vote for this position. Here is the call:

Call for IVWS Membership Coordinator(s)

Do you love a beautiful Excel spreadsheet and know how to navigate it? Do you know how to send emails via Mail Merge in Word—or, are you willing to learn? (Trust us, it’s easy.)

IVWS is accepting applications from members interested in serving a three-year stint as the IVWS Membership Coordinator(s). Membership Coordinators will check Google Forms for new memberships, cross-check member payment statuses in PayPal, input new data into the master IVWS membership database in Excel, then send timely receipts to members confirming membership renewals. Coordinators also need to send renewal reminders from time to time (using Mail Merge in Word), and correspond with members via email whenever members have questions about their membership status. Lastly, coordinators work with Vara Neverow to provide the correct addresses for mailing copies of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany.

This position requires approx. one hour of work per week. The current Membership Coordinator is happy to train you and provide ongoing support any time you have a question.

Please consider helping out with this essential—and fun!—role. The IVWS cannot function as a society without a Membership Coordinator, so your efforts are truly needed.

If you’d like to apply, please contact Ben Hagen ( Thank you!

Erin Kingsley (IVWS Membership Coordinator)

Published by International Virginia Woolf Society

The International Virginia Woolf Society is devoted to encouraging and facilitating the scholarly study of, critical attention to, and general interest in, the work and career of Virginia Woolf, and to facilitate ways in which all people interested in her writings— scholars, critics, teachers, students, artists and general readers—may learn from one another, meet together, contact each other, and help one another. Find out more about our organization, activities, and Virginia Woolf herself by following the links on our home page.

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