Gwen Rose: Thoughts on the Woolf Salon Project

On September 30th, a number of Woolfians assembled online for a meeting of the Woolf Salon Project, a semi-formal, regular gathering , to discuss Woolf’s work. The Woolf Salon Project is amazing, though I’ve only been a part of it for a short time—and this session, in particular, transcended literary discussion in a way thatContinue reading “Gwen Rose: Thoughts on the Woolf Salon Project”

Call: IVWS Membership Coordinator(s)

Please see the call below (written up by Erin Kingsley!) for an IVWS Membership Coordinator. Erin’s term is coming to an end this June 2022, and we’re all so grateful for the time and attention she’s given to our members over the past few years. We need someone new—maybe two someones—to serve in this role. Please read throughContinue reading “Call: IVWS Membership Coordinator(s)”

IVWS Members Event feat. Emily Kopley (8 November 2021)

IVWS 2021 Fall Lecture: Virginia Woolf’s Poetry Library Date: 8 November 2021Time: 1:00pm ET (New York)(The event will take place over Zoom. Members will be sent a Zoom link via email ahead of the event. The event will be recorded and made available to IVWS members.) In this talk, Emily Kopley studies the extant library of VirginiaContinue reading “IVWS Members Event feat. Emily Kopley (8 November 2021)”

Two-Day Centennial Celebration of Monday or Tuesday: May 14th–15th, 2021

This coming May, the International Virginia Woolf Society will host a two-day centennial celebration, exclusive to members, of Woolf’s short fiction collection Monday or Tuesday (1921): Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th. In the spirit of Woolf’s titular “or,” IVWS members may attend Friday or Saturday’s event (or both, if they’re free!). Zoom links for bothContinue reading “Two-Day Centennial Celebration of Monday or Tuesday: May 14th–15th, 2021″